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All ages. Remote.   

LUMINA NY, Founder

Praxis offering Lucia N3 hypnagogic Light experience.

AT-LAB Aesthetics Therapeutics Lab, Co-Founder 

Social sculptures, MSE, dome art.


MISSION BE, Program Facilitator

Global mindfulness education + community building. 


IMERSAArtist + Innovator

Immersive Media Entertainment Research Science & Arts Summit. Denver, Colorado.

FRIEZE ART, Installation Artist

Martha Araujo/Jacqueline Martins (Brazil/NY), *Festival Winner.

PARK AVENUE ARMORY, Performance Artist

Phillipe Parreno, NY.  

MATTHEW BARNEY, Studio Assistant

River of Fundament Opera.


Art Projects, strategic consulting + branding, social change initiatives.


"AT LAB" Morphos Art  review:

"Making the world a better place." Interview w/ Dr. Masic by Linda Messbauer, Multi Sensory Environments Pioneer for AAMSE.


Hudson Valley, NY Interview of Dr. Masic, "Destination Adventure Travel: Lumina NY"

"LUMINA NY" feature on VICE Hamilton's Pharmacopeia.

"Light as a Gateway to Consciousness"












Facing Saudade. Atropos Press. 2017. Marina Masic

Evolution. "Kepler".  Marina Masic for Monrowe  Magazine. Ed. No. 1


"Planetary Self" featured Artist + Scientist. Soho House, Detroit. 2021.

Croatia's '40 under 40". National recognition of Merit. 2017.

Artist Residency. Los Angeles Film Studio. Vortex Immersion Media Dome. CA. 2014.

GSE World Fellowship. Rotary International. Germany. 2008.

Journalism Award, Climate Change Conference, United Nations, NY. 2007.

Presidential Excellence, Honors Achievement, 1999.



10/7/19: Lumina Pop Up, Modrn Sanctuary, NYC


6/1/19:  Light Offerings, Princeton, NJ


4/13/19:  Catskills Pop Up , Zephyr Float, Kingston, NY


11/1/18:  LUMINA STUDIO launch, Rowayton, CT


9/27/18:  DMT Dialogues. Assemblage, NYC 


9/15/18:  Community Light Offerings, Breathing Dragon, Princeton, NJ


7/24/18:  Catskills Sessions, Lite Brite Neon, Kingston, NY   


4/20/18:  Lumina Residency begins, 224 5th Ave, NYC


12/17/17:  Catskills Pop Up, Zephyr Float, Kingston, NY


12/5/17:  Pop Up, Modrn Sanctuary, NY


11/24/17:  Community Light, Rise Above Floatation, NY


10/21/17:  Future Spa Event, The Alchemist's Kitchen. NYC


10/17/17:  Light + Sound Ceremony, Magick City, Brooklyn, NY  


10/13/17:  Art of Dying Conference w/ NY Open Center, New Yorker Hotel


9/10/17:  Light & Sound Meditation w/ Dr. Dirk Proeckl, NY Open Center 


5/18/17:  PAUSE a Pop-up Meditation Experience, NYC


3/27/17:  Awaken Wellness Expo, Tarrytown, NY


11/11/16:  Secrets of Light + Sound w/ Dr. Winkler + Dr. Proeckl. Berlin, Germany


11/4/16:  Liquid Sound Fest. Toskana Therme, Bad Sulza, Germany


10/23/16:  Light + Sound Experience w/ Tagtraum, Berlin, Germany


10/22/16:  The German Psychedelic Society Kickoff, Berlin, Germany

10/4/16:  Beyond Psychedelics Global Forum, Prague, CZ


9/22/16:  International Day of Light, Rise Above Floatation, NY


5/28/16:  Presenting "Immersive Dreams and Dome's". Dome Fest 2016. Carl Zeiss Planetarium, Jena, Germany


5/21/16:  Lumina presentation + sessions @East Meets West Fest. 

Centre for Social Innovation, NY, NY


4/23/16:  Experiential offerings @ 24Hr Drone: Experiments in Sound,

Basilica, Hudson, NY



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