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Marina Masic, Ph.D. is a multidisciplinary artist and visionary working in wellness, art and education for the past twenty years.

She holds a doctorate in Philosophy, Media & Communications (Summa Cum Laude) as well as a Masters of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy & Social Change from The European Graduate School.  She received a Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from NYU,  and pursued graduate work in Sculpture, Film, + Performance Interactive Media Art.

Dr. Masic pioneered a position of faculty in Art Therapy at Columbia University Medical Center in the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Dept.  She served as a U.S. ambassador of Arts and Healthcare in a global fellowship designed to examine traditional and integrative healthcare models + wellness systems between the U.S. + EU.  

A Professor of Media & Fine Arts, Manhattanville College + Humanities Professor, College of New Rochelle, NY.  Dr. Masic has facilitated several local + international programs including: Mission Be Mindfulness Education, (NorthEast mindfulness and meditation educator in over 10 schools), CARING @Columbia (creative arts therapy for NYC community), Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (program coordinator + educator), community art programs (Neuberger Museum, Cage/ Upstairs Gallery), as well as anthroposophical initiatives. 

Masic has lectured widely: (FullDome Awards- Jena, Germany, "Light Technology"-Carl Zeiss Planetarium,  East Meets West Fest, NYC. "Dreams + Domes" - IMERSA Artist Innovator Award, Denver, CO., MORPHOS Artist Residency, LA Film Studio group show, etc.).  In 2017 she was awarded Croatia's "40 under 40" for her achievements.    

A multimedia artist drawn to working with space, the senses and elements (including water, light, sound, metals). Her research explores consciousness, multi-sensory experience, elemental design, wellbeing.  In her path, Masic has worked with various creatives and mentors such as Bauhaus visionary Micky Remann, artist Matthew Barney, branding strategist Everard Findlay,  philosophers Wolfgang Schirmacher, Chris Kraus, the late neurologist Oliver Sacks, etc. Her writings include: "Facing Saudade." Atropos Press, 2017, "Kepler." Monrowe, etc.


Her entrepreneurial efforts include "AT Lab" - (Aesthetics Therapeutics Lab) a collective designing multi-sensory art installations (dome art, site specific works, etc). Thereafter she began Lumina NY,  a praxis aimed at providing new means of envisioning through light.  Currently, she maintains a praxis in NY and leads events internationally.

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